The Orange County Child Care Association is a non-profit organization for licensed family child care providers who are dedicated to providing, promoting and supporting quality child care.​

Family child care providers are independent, self-employed business people who have assumed one of society's most important responsibilities: caring for children. Children thrive in a stable, long-term relationship with the same provider in the comfort of a home environment, in small groups where each child's individual needs can be met.  

We understand that during the first five years of life, a child experiences a more rapid period of growth and development than at any other time. Therefore, a child care provider plays an important role in the development of children. Of course, the growth does not stop at age 5; child care providers are equally important to children of all ages, providing care, love and support.  It is our goal to be a resource for both providers and parents in meeting the needs of children.

Board of Directors  

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Membership Chairperson 
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Public Policy
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