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Hello everyone, I received a call from a concerned provider regarding a pilot program that involves visits from Licensing. In speaking to Jane Cong-Huyen who is our Licensing Advocate and this is the program she was referring to regarding creating a new inspection tool format. You may or may not receive a phone call prior to your "random" visit explaining that this visit will be a bit more detailed and take longer than usual. They will ask you for your input to make the process better. Be honest and give them your well thought out ideas. Here is what they put in the last Quarterly Update: New Inspection Process Project Updates

CCLD continues to develop standard and domain focused tools for the Child Care Program. In the coming months, CCLD will launch a three-month pilot of the Child Care standard and domain focused tools. These tools will facilitate inspections that focus on three priority areas: prevention, enforcement, and compliance. The tools developed through the Inspection Process Project will support the Department’s efforts to conduct inspections that are consistent and thorough throughout the state and across licensing categories. To support this vision, CCLD is employing a data-driven continuous quality improvement (CQI) approach to the evaluation and improvement of policies and business processes. Through the CQI approach, CCLD will evaluate the overall health of licensed care in California, assess the underlying conditions that contribute to the overall health of licensed care, refine policies, procedures and inspection tools to target opportunities for improvement, and evaluate the success of the revised policies, procedures and tools. The new inspection tools and processes will be person-centered and will facilitate a robust qualitative and quantitative review of each licensed setting.