Phone interviews and the one-on-one interview can make both parent and provider nervous. The interview process is to allow a parent the opportunity to see if a provider meets his/her child needs and for the provider it is to determine if the child will fit into their program and if the parent will support the provider in his/her efforts in caring for all the children in his/her care.

We hope that you will find the following suggestions helpful as a provider and/or parent.

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STEP ONE: Turning Calls into One-On-One Interviews

The phone interview is as important for the parent as it is the provider. It is an opportunity to discuss key information to determine if both parent and provider can work to meet the needs of the child.

It is important for parents to share information with the provider as much as it is for a provider to share information with the parent.

It is also wise for both provider and parent to write down the information discussed. This will prove to be a valuable tool during the one-on-one interview.

Suggested topics:

Age of child(ren)
Hours needed
Small/Large group home
Ages of children in care
Sick Policy
Vacation Policy
Discipline Policy
Meals Provided
Field Trips
Rates (see below)
Registration Fee
License Number

As a provider, it is important to make sure that the parent also meets the criteria you have to run your business smoothly. You may want to discuss the following in addition to the above questions.

Will the parent be able to pick up a sick child in a timely manner?
Has the child been in child care before? If yes, why was child removed from previous care provider?

In addition to discussing these questions during the interview a provider should share their daily routine and any other important things that make you a quality provider.


Provider fees can be based on several factors, here are just a few:

Years of service
Planned Activities
Referral Base
Dedicated Space
And much more

Parents: Do not determine if a one-on-one interview is appropriate based solely on fees. If a provider meets your needs in all other areas you may want to meet with them and view their facility. Remember, you get what you pay for and this is your child.

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